Apartment tips Furnished or Unfurnished

Choosing an apartment can seem quite easy these days, because there are many places available in the real estate offer. However, it is not simple given all the factors you need to consider when you are making such an investment. There are a few factors you may not consider when looking for an apartment. For example, if you are looking for jumbo Virgina beach apartments, you may not think about the “furnished/unfurnished” aspect. Why is it important? Well, there are several reasons why you need to consider this aspect.

Why would you choose a furnished apartment?

First of all, choosing a furnished apartment can spare you of additional costs. Buying furniture and moving it from one place to another can be rather difficult. However, you may want to bring the furniture you love into your new rented place. So is choosing a furnished apartment a good idea or not?

Pros of choosing a furnished apartment:

You will avoid having to move heavy furniture around;
You will have no or less additional costs;
It is a good idea if you rent on short-term (one year or less than one year);

Cons of choosing a furnished apartment:

Rent is much more liker to be higher;
You will have less space for furniture of your own (if you have any), so you will have to store it somewhere;
You will not have the chance to decorate the place as you would like to.

Why would you choose an unfurnished apartment?

There are also rentals that are unfurnished yet, and some people choose them over furnished ones because they would like to have more space and more freedom to design the place as they would like. So is choosing an unfurnished apartment a good idea or not?

Pros of choosing an unfurnished apartment:

You will have the chance to decorate the apartment however you want;
You will be able to move in your furniture right in without having to think where to store or what to do with it;
It is a good idea on a long-term lease;
Rent is lower than with the furnished apartments.

Cons of choosing an unfurnished apartment:

You will have to invest in new furniture, even though you may have some already;
You will have to move the heavy furniture around;
Is not a good idea if you rent on short-term.

Is there a compromise situation?

In fact, there is. There are some rentals that are half furnished. That means that they have the basic furniture in, such as a bed and a table, but they do not have extra furniture you may need. This is a good choice for those who already have some furniture that they want to keep in the house. Plus, this type of rental can be easily redecorated if you feel like the rental is not a good fit for your lifestyle.

In conclusion, whether you choose a furnished or an unfurnished apartment, it should definitely meet your needs. Choose a rental that “gets along” well with your lifestyle. For example, if you move often, a furnished place is a great idea for you. If you like to decorate a place with your own stuff, then you should choose an unfurnished place for sure!